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We are very much please to introduce our self as a leading Ammonia & Freon Complete Systems Manufacturer, supplier, Exporters for Ice Plants & Multi-Purpose Cold Storage’s Low Temperature , Water Chillers, Heat Exchanger, Oil coolers, Inter Coolers, after Coolers, Gear Coolers, Lube Oil Coolers, Air & Oil core, Nitrogen & oxygen compressor cores, Cooling Towers, Air Compressor Cores, Etc , For Beverages, Brewery, Dairies Milk Butter Food Processing, Ice Cream, Fruits Pulp & Juices, Meat, Vegetables, Ghee Mills, Fisheries, Concentrate Rooms, Sugar Mills, Pharmaceutical, Oil Refineries, Fertilizers, Textile, Fiber, Chemicals, Cement, Power Generation Plants, Textile, processing Industry,

We have Local & imported machinery with good and well-experienced staff that have vast knowledge in Refrigeration, this Concern is well-reputed through-out “Pakistan” due to good Quality and best in performance as a result it is worth mentioning that we have worked with Industrial Development Bank, Agricultural Bank, and other Scheduled Banks of Pakistan since Last 40 years we also works with A.P.V (ASIA) Ltd (U.K) as Sub Contractor for Refrigeration Plants and Equipment.

Also available Imported & Local Compressors spare parts Like, Sabro, DWM, Grasso, Semi- Sealed, Copland, Carrier, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Daiken, Trane, etc. (subject to available stock).





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