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Evaporative condensers

Omerdraz make evaporative condenser are better than the atmospheric (open type condenser) and shell and tube type condenser the compact design requires less sporting space other than condensing system and factory assembled section construction minimizes erection time and low installed cost with energy & water saving by providing low power consumption then conventional air cooled and shell type condensers. Evaporative condenser requires only 5% of water used in other type where no cooling tower & Pond for water spray is available. Evaporative condensers have rain of water circulated over the pipes by a pump and spay nozzles. Cooling is effected by a stream of air the evaporative condenser is easy to clean, easy to assemble available in M.S & G.I sheet panels.

Induced Draft Design

Evaporative Condenser

Condenser Coil

Shell & tube Type condensers:

Vertical & horizontal shell & tube type condensers can be installed indoor & outdoor it require small space, have short pipe connections & low pumping head for water flow down the inside of the tube with a whirling mooting, simple and efficient, easy to clean, low eight and compact size.

Shell & Tube Condenser