Ammonia & Freon Equipment Manufacturer
Beverages, Brewery, Dairies Milk Butter Food Processing, Ice Cream, Fruits Pulp & Juices, Meat, Vegetables, Ghee Mills, Fisheries, Concentrate Rooms, Sugar Mills, Pharmaceutical, Oil Refineries, Fertilizers, Textile, Fiber, Chemicals, Cement, Power Generation Plants, Textile.

Single Stage Ammonia Compressors

Omerdraz compressors Series developed and manufactured by engineers with the knowledge & long experience in the refrigeration industry. Compressors are High Grade steel fabricated ensuring rapid heat dissipation, efficient high speed & multiple cylinders compact and economical of space Gas tight Clear internal accessibility for easy compressor inspection

Compressor are available in single stage Model like ORC 112, ORC 113 ORC 114 & ORC116 Compressor covers wide range of duties from high and low temperature in general applications such as Water Chillers, quick freezing storage Tanks, Ice plants, multipurpose cold storages etc.

Suitable for: Ice plants cold storages, water chillers, Milk & Butter, Food, Juices, Brewery, Chemical, Meat, Fish, processing Unit, Pharmaceuticals and Commercial Applications.

Model: ORC 113


Model OAC 2 & OAC 3
Heavy Duty Industrial Vertical
Two and Three Cylinders Single Acting Compressors.
Range (5” x5” Through 8” x 8”)